Message from the President and Secretary on proposed revisions to Parking Resolutions 233 and 234

Resolution 125 requires the Board President and Secretary to evaluate new and revised Resolutions for their impact on the rights and privileges of owners (Members of the Association). In the President’s and Secretary’s opinion, the revised parking Resolutions 233 and 234, as proposed, DO have an impact on the rights and privileges of CountrySide residents in several ways.

The major changes to Resolution 233 include a policy change in that curbside parking in townhouse communities will be treated as Visitor parking from the time the revised Resolution becomes effective. This means the same restrictions that have applied to Visitor spaces for years will now also apply to curbside parking—including, but not limited to, the prohibition against parking in such a Visitor or curbside space more than three (3) times in a thirty (30) day period. This change has been made in direct response to resident complaints that curbside parking allowed residents, guests, visitors, etc. to use curbside parking as a “storage” parking space, thus tying up those parking spaces indefinitely and without restriction, and thereby exacerbating the lack of overflow parking for other residents. Under the new Resolution 233, a car parked in a curbside parking space OR a Visitor space more than three (3) times in a thirty (30) day period can be towed if not moved when stickered with a warning notice that the car is in violation. This change is being made to manage non-assigned parking more equitably in the townhouse communities. Please review the new rules carefully to prevent misunderstandings about Visitor and curbside parking.

The major revision in Resolution 234 has also been made in direct response to resident complaints about commercial or restricted vehicle parking on townhouse streets. Under the former Resolution, a commercial or restricted vehicle (as defined in the Resolution) parked overnight on a townhouse street had to be stickered twice, with four (4) days’ warning each time, before the vehicle would be towed. This effectively gave the owner/operator of the commercial vehicle eight (8) days’ notice before the vehicle was towed, which is significantly more notice than owners and residents of non-commercial vehicles are given. Because the long-standing prohibitions against parking commercial vehicles on townhouse streets have generated a substantial number of resident complaints over the years, the revised Resolution seeks to definitively address the problem by giving one (1) day/24 hours’ notice before the commercial vehicle can be towed.

Both Resolutions have also had minor revisions made to clarify placement/location for warning stickers, to remove obsolete references to Loudoun County stickers, and other incidental spelling or grammatical errors. Overall, while the changes proposed in these two Resolutions are significant, we believe the new Resolutions will help the Proprietary more equitably and effectively manage parking practices throughout CountrySide.
Revised Resolutions 233 and 234 are under consideration by the Board of Directors, and comments regarding the revised Resolutions are scheduled to be heard at the Board of Directors meeting on February 7, 2024. If you wish to attend that Board meeting to make comments, please contact the PMP office to request dial-in instructions for the virtual Board meeting. Written comments on the proposed revisions may be submitted to the Board President prior to that meeting.


Penny Francke, President

Kumar Sangaran, Secretary