Final Leaf Removal Scheduled - December 6th - 8th

Advantage Landscape will begin the final leaf removal at CountrySide starting Wednesday December 8th and will be on site three days to perform this final pick up.   In the case of bad weather such as rain or snow, these dates may become slightly altered.

Our Schedule will include “roughly” beginning and ending in the following order of property locations:

** Unfortunately, due to the size of the property, we are unable to provide a specific set time for where we are working within the dates provided.

1   Foxfield

2.  Welborne

3.  Morven

4.  Oakridge

5.  Rokeby

6.  CountrySide Blvd Street Commons

7. Algonkian Parkway Street Commons

Leaf removal service includes a mix of mulching leaves with mulching blades on mowers where leaves are light to moderate or blowing out leaves and vacuuming up piles from common ground areas and streets.   Areas of heavy collections will be blown out and collected using leaf blowers and trucks with tow behind vacuums.   Leaf equipment will create dust during dry periods.  We do train our crews to be careful and attentive to such conditions and to blow dust off cars when found to settle onto a parked car (this is just air blowing off dust).   Our crews are trained to NEVER directly blast cars with dirt, leaves and debris but because we must clean leaves from around cars in parking areas, if you see a crew working in your area and are worried about your car, you might consider moving your car to eliminate such concern.  Regardless, we will be working carefully to complete a clean safe service.  

Lime Application Scheduled for Specified Common Areas - Beginning 12/11/23

Lime Application Scheduled for Specified Common Areas – Beginning 12/11/23 and will take a week or greater, working through the property to complete.

This is the second application performed this fall at CountrySide.   This application will not include aeration of all areas as did the first meaning this is mostly a “product only” application.   Lime application will follow a leaf removal scheduled prior to this application.   

The reason for this treatment follows recent soil PH testing showing a low balance of the current soil condition.   Pelletized Lime is a fine limestone pressed into a round pellet (organic) which is a natural product and considered nontoxic and safe in the environment.  When used to balance the PH of the soil properly,  it will allow the turfgrass to properly draw in necessary nutrients.  When the PH balance of turfgrass is off and in our situation “low”, the turfgrass can begin to starve itself making any other fertilizer and other nutrient applications ineffective.  This is the first of a couple applications (spread months apart) that will be necessary to bring the turfgrass soil PH conditions at CountrySide back into alignment. 

Short Term Rentals in CountrySide - Loudoun County Zoning Administrator Opinion Letter

At the request of the CountrySide Board of Directors, the Loudoun County Zoning Administrator has issued an Opinion Letter clarifying the requirements for the operation of Short Term Rentals within CountrySide.  The Opinion Letter can be read in its entirety here.

Inasmuch as this is an opinion issued by the Zoning Administrator of Loudoun County (and not by CountrySide Proprietary, its staff or agents, or Board of Directors), any questions on the letter, its restrictions and requirements, interpretation, enforcement, or suspected violations should be directed to the Loudoun County Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-777-0246 or LEx – Loudoun Express Request | Loudoun County, VA – Official Website. 

The Board of Directors is grateful to Supervisor Juli Briskman and her staff for their assistance in obtaining this clarification of the Loudoun County Zoning Office’s policy on Short Term Rentals within CountrySide.

Vote on Amendments -
Message from the Board of Directors

We regret to report that the vote to amend the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions has failed to meet the required threshold of votes to effect changes.  A total of 853-854 votes were cast, with an additional 20 ballots uncompleted.  Please note that paper ballots submitted were converted to proxy ballots in the ezVote system, so those votes are included in the totals below.  The breakdown of votes was as follows:

Description of Issue




Article X, Section 1: quorum/votes required for amendment




Article X, Section 9: First Mortgage Holders required to “opt in” for notices




Article X, Section 9 (f): Remove the veto power of First Mortgage Holders




Since this document requires a minimum of 1,270 affirmative votes for an amendment to be adopted, none of the amendments passed.

We thank all our residents who took the time to read the supporting documentation and cast votes.

CountrySide Area Stream Restoration Project

Loudoun County plans to begin work Monday, October 9, 2023, on a stream restoration project in the CountrySide area that will require the closure of the pedestrian path north of Algonkian Parkway between Rutherford Circle and Cedarhurst Drive. A detour will guide pedestrians to and from an alternate route on the south side of Algonkian Parkway. 

More information about the project is online at

Watch a video about the project here: 

If you have any questions, please email or call 703-430-0715.