Annual Inspections

The Proprietary would like to remind everyone that we will soon be beginning the Annual Inspection process. This yearly inspection, at the request of the Board of Directors, is performed with the intention of preserving the curbside appeal of the community. The Proprietary will be going neighborhood by neighborhood over the following weeks. The physical inspections will commence during the month of April, and we will be noting any repairs that need to be completed on the home and the general appearance of the property.  Some of the most common things found are: repair and paint needed on house trim; algae growth on siding; roofs, fences or sheds in need of repair; clutter in front and rear yards; and unapproved architectural modifications.  Thank you for your cooperation with this process.

Parkway Meeting Room Rentals

Parkway Meeting Room is Available!

Did you know we have a meeting room that you can rent?   Any homeowner in good standing can rent the
Parkway meeting room.  It holds up to 49
people and has tables and chairs, and a kitchen with a fridge and microwave.
The room is available to CountrySide homeowners and tenants for rentals such as
birthday parties and baby showers.  It is
not available for “for profit” activities such as home direct sale gatherings.

The Meeting Room is also used by Proprietary Committees for
their meetings, and non-profit groups such as Scouts with a special

The rental fee is $125.00 for 4 hours.  There is a $400 deposit and a $50 key deposit
which is refundable. The rental forms and rules are on our website at www.countryside-va.org
under Amenities.

For more information on renting the Parkway Meeting Room,
please contact Alicia at the Proprietary office at (703)430-0715 or email her
at aliciam.cside@pmpbiz.com.

Trail Etiquette for Bicycling

Trail Etiquette for bicycling:

Recreational paths and trails have become quite popular. As a result, trails can become very congested and safety is a major issue. Whether bicycling, walking, or jogging, following the same rules as everyone else will help you have a safer, more enjoyable time.

Trails have engineering and design limitations that require you to ride differently than you would on the road. If your preferred speed or style of cycling is inappropriate for trails, look for better suited alternative routes.

Be Courteous
All trail users, including bicyclists, joggers, and wheelchair users, should be respectful of other users, regardless of their mode of travel, speed, or skill level.

Give an Audible Signal When Passing
Give a clear signal when passing. This signal may be a bell, horn, or voice. Warn in advance so that you have time to maneuver if necessary. “Passing on your left” is the most common signal used to alert other users of your approach.

Keep Right
Stay as close to the right side of the trail as is safe, except when passing another user.

Pass on Left
Pass others who are going your direction on their left. Look ahead and behind to make sure the lane is clear before pulling out. Pass with ample separation. Do not move back to the right until safely past. Fast-moving users are responsible for yielding to slower moving users.

Clean up Litter
Do not leave any debris along the trail. If you drop something, please pick it up and carry it until you find a litter receptacle. Go the extra mile—pack out more trash than you bring in.

Note for Tenants

If you are a tenant in a CountrySide property, please contact your landlord to make sure all the necessary paperwork is filled out with the Proprietary, so that you will be able to get your Amenities Passes when the time comes.