Hidden Lane Landfill Superfund Site Update

Please see the update below from the Hidden Lane Site Team:

EPA began excavation of the TCE source area the week of February 20th and started stockpiling contaminated soil near the excavation area to prepare for off-site disposal. EPA anticipates that off-site disposal of the non-hazardous contaminated soil will begin in early April. The disposal facility that has been selected is located in eastern Virginia. Trucks leaving the site will travel along Persimmon Lane and McPherson Circle to get to the Algonkian Parkway. From Algonkian Parkway, they will head south towards Route 28. Please see map below for proposed route. “

“Please note that “Trucks Entering Highway” signs have been placed on Persimmon Lane to alert drivers that trucks will be entering and leaving the site throughout the day. EPA has been working with Loudon County Public Schools regarding the school bus schedule and will work with its contractors to minimize disruption during the school bus pick up and drop off times.  

Friendly Reminder – We would like to remind the community that the Superfund Site is an active construction zone with many safety hazards and trespassing is NOT permitted. Access into the work zone may result in injury or loss of life. Please adhere to EPA’s instructions and signage.  


EPA will continue to provide updates, as needed, as the excavation process continues. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.”