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General Information

Click here for Pool Information

Pool Locations:

Parkway Pool:  46020 Algonkian Parkway (Closed Wednesdays)

Lindenwood Pool: 100 Lindenwood Road (Closed Tuesdays)

Cromwell Pool:  3 Cromwell Road (Closed Mondays)

SWIM LESSONS AND SWIM TEAM: Go to www.countrysidewaves.org.

Republic Services will provide removal of trash and recyclables on all holidays that fall on a regularly scheduled pickup day, with the exception of THANKSGIVING DAY, CHRISTMAS DAY and NEW YEAR’S DAY (or when the disposal facilities are closed).   When a designated pickup day falls on one of these holidays, uncollected trash or recyclables will be removed on the next regularly scheduled pickup day for that debris.  Watch the website home page for details on holiday schedules. (See here for regular holiday closures.)

Recycle and Trash Cart Lease Program

Republic Services is offering CountrySide residents the opportunity to LEASE larger wheeled-covered trash and/or recycling carts for the very reasonable price of $12 per year, per container. While the containers will still remain the property of the trash company, one great benefit of leasing the carts is that if they are damaged for any reason, they will replace the carts at no extra charge. We hope that residents will be able to make use of this special offer!  

If you are interested in leasing one or more of these carts, please contact the Service Center at HOA.NOVA@republicservices.com to make arrangements for delivery and to set up the billing for your account. 

Optional Sizes:

Trash – Large 96 gallon cart or Small 64 gallon cart

Recycling – Large 64 gallon or Small 35 gallon cart


Service Days:

There will not be any changes to your current scheduled collection days.  However, please note that in order to comply with Loudoun County ordinance requiring yard waste to be recycled, the trash company will only be collecting yard waste on the first pickup day of each week.

The collection schedules by community are as follows: 

                                                         Trash                      Yard Waste             Recyclables & Bulk Items

Foxfield/Oatlands/Morven              Mon & Thurs            Mon Only                     Thurs

Rokeby/Welbourne                         Tue & Fri                  Tue Only                       Fri

Belmont/Oakridge                           Tue & Fri                  Tue Only                       Fri

Pick-up Times: Trash should be placed curbside by 7:00 AM.


Household Trash Services:

All Trash must be placed at curbside in an Trash Toter,  or a homeowner provided standard trashcan. The trash company is not responsible for damage to personal trash cans. Please, DO NOT put trash out without a container. Trash bags can be torn by animals and trash strewn about making for a messy neighborhood!

Recyclables:  The following items are the only items that should be placed in your recycling container: 

PAPER: Newspaper, magazines, flattened cardboard, mixed paper, junk mail, phone books.
GLASS: Jars and bottles.
PLASTIC: Bottles, containers and jugs.
METAL: Aluminum or tin cans and empty aerosol cans. 

Pick up Times

Our crews begin their collections at 7:00 AM and we maintain the same scheduled service days unless otherwise noted.  It is difficult to duplicate pick up times due to variables and uncontrollable circumstances that we may encounter from day to day.  To help ensure your pick up, please have your trash and recycling staged and ready for pick up no later than the above times or your contracted time of 7:00 AM. 

Special Items

The trash company will collect furniture and other large, non-metal household items placed on the curb at no extra charge.  Residents are limited to bulk items equivalent to 2 cubic yards per month.  Ferrous metal/white good items, such as appliances, will be picked up when previously arranged and with additional billing to the individual homeowner.   Prior notice is requested when any large items are to be disposed, please call Customer Service at 571-328-7558.  All appliances (white goods) must be PRE-PAID and scheduled by the individual resident prior to removal.  All appliances containing Freon (CFC’s) must be tagged with certification that it is FREON-FREE prior to removal.   Contact your Heating and Air Conditioning dealer for CFC removal.   For a large amount of items to be collected that is above the terms of the HOA contract, you can E-mail Customer Service Center to put in a request to have a Residential Supervisor survey the material for a quote.  This survey and removal of the debris will be billed to you.

We will NOT Pickup

Rocks, concrete, dirt, tires, soil, sod, tree stumps, paint, motor oil, construction trash/renovation debris, combustibles, toxic or hazardous wastes, or any other material excluded from the disposal site, or any applicable state or federal law, as being hazardous or toxic.  As well as flammable products, dead animals, fecal matter in bulk/manure, brick, landscaping timbers, friable asbestos, lead acid/wet cell batteries, bio-hazardous material, needles, and other medical waste.

Containers or bundles weighting more than 50 pounds or longer than 4 feet in length will not be collected as household trash.  Please E-mail the Customer Service Center to put in a request to have a Residential Supervisor survey the material for a quote.  This survey and removal of the debris will be billed to you.  Any items that cannot be safely loaded by our crews for removal or any items that may damage the hauling equipment will not be collected.  Trash crews cannot collect debris that is too large or too heavy to be loaded safely into our vehicles.


Yard Waste is considered a by-product of regular yard maintenance and not the debris as a result of landscaping renovation.  All homes will have ONE weekly collection of yard waste on their first collection day of the week (Monday or Tuesday).  Recycling of yard debris is mandatory from March 1 through December 24. January and February, please place yard debris out with your household trash.  Composting, chipping, and mulching are great ways to recycle your yard waste. 

All yard debris to be collected must be prepared accordingly and placed at the curb for collection:

  • Brush and limbs must be cut into 4-foot lengths and bundled (arm-full size) with rope or twine and should not exceed 50 pounds.
    Paper Yard Waste Bags and Clear Plastic bags are to be used for Grass clippings, leaves, and twigs. (Do not use black trash bags for yard waste). Yard waste can be placed in a container your provide (please mark “Yard Waste”).
  • Yard waste bag limit:  10 Bags per Home per Collection Day
  • Tree stumps and tree limbs that are larger than 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet in length will not be collected.
    All unbundled brush will be considered a special pick up.  Please E-mail our Customer Service Center to put in a request to have a Residential Supervisor survey the material for a quote. This survey and removal of the debris will be billed directly to you.


PAPER: Newspaper, magazines, flattened cardboard, mixed paper, junk mail, phone books.

GLASS:  Jars and bottles.

PLASTIC: Bottles, containers and jugs.

METAL:  Aluminum or tin cans and empty aerosol cans.

Residents are provided with one 18-gallon Recycling Bin, extras may be ordered upon request at no additional charge.  For more information regarding the items that can be included for recycling, please click here

In order to assure safe and equitable parking arrangements and to preserve the attractive appearance of the communities within CountrySide, the following information outlines protocol for parking as is stated in Resolution 233 and 234 of the CountrySide Proprietary.




CountrySide Proprietary does not monitor parking, or ticket or tow on VDOT streets.

If you wish to report a traffic or parking problem on a VDOT street call the non-emergency Police number at 703-777-1021 or contact the Sheriff’s Office using their traffic complaint form at:


For Loudoun County Parking Regulation 480.105, please see https://www.loudoun.gov/DocumentCenter/View/77355/Item-03-Attachment?bidId=

or go to www.loudoun.gov for more information.

For VDOT road condition problems, contact VDOT at: https://my.vdot.virginia.gov

CP streets are maintained by CountrySide Proprietary. Costs associated with the maintenance, repair, and replacement of CountrySide streets are included in assessments of the townhomes.

VDOT streets are maintained by the State of Virginia. The streets that are owned and maintained by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), please report unplowed roads, and hazardous conditions to novainfo@vdot.virginia.gov or call 1-800-367-7623. To see the status of plowing in Northern Virginia neighborhoods: www.vdotplows.org


Snow Removal Policy

  • A twelve foot (12’) wide area will be cleared on each street.
  • Every effort will be made to push the snow to a location which provides the least amount of obstruction to parked vehicles (normally the medians and open grassy areas)
  • The contractor will attempt to clear snow from the areas in front of fire hydrants and mailboxes. A reasonable standard of care will be exercised not to damage the streets or curbing.
  • In the event of freezing rain or icy conditions, the streets will be sanded. Salt is not used on CountrySide roads.
  • The only pathways that are cleared of snow are along Algonkian Parkway, near the school, and along CountrySide Boulevard leading from Algonkian Parkway to the shopping center.


Austen Court – VDOT
Awsley Court – VDOT
Bedford Drive – VDOT
Bentley Drive – VDOT
Braxton Drive – VDOT
Carrollton Road – VDOT
Crisswell Court – VDOT
Cumberland Court – VDOT
Devenshire Court – VDOT
Exeter Court – VDOT
Foxmore Court – VDOT
Halifax Court – VDOT
Lindenwood Court – VDOT
Lipscomb Court – VDOT
Newland Court – VDOT
Oakdale Court – VDOT
Rawlston Court – VDOT
Webley Court – VDOT
Westmoreland Drive – VDOT
Wickham Court – VDOT
Wiltshire Court – VDOT
Worthington Court – VDOT


Alden Court – CP
Asbury Way – CP
Bentwood Road – VDOT
Bickel Court – CP
Clinton Court – CP
Devon Court – CP
Dorrell Court – CP
Fairmont Court – CP
Gannon Way – CP
Harbert Court – CP
Huntley Court – CP
Marian Court – CP
Mercer Court – CP
Palmer Court – CP
Quincy Court – CP
Sarret Way – VDOT
Southall Court – CP
Spotswood Road – VDOT
Wyatt Court – CP

MORVEN  View Map

Aldridge Court – CP
Byron Court – VDOT
Carter Court – VDOT
Griswold Court – VDOT
Harrow Court – VDOT
Haxall Court – CP
Ludwell Court -CP
Lyndhurst Court – CP
Millard Court – CP
Paxton Court – CP
Powell Court – VDOT
Rutledge Court – VDOT
Teasdale Court – VDOT
Thales Way – VDOT
Vinson Court – VDOT
Whittingham Circle – VDOT


Amersham Court – VDOT
Chelmsford Court – CP/VDOT
Christopher Lane – VDOT
Dunbar Way – VDOT
Felsted Court – CP
Finchingfield Court – CP
Forester Court – VDOT
Lowery Court – VDOT
Owens Court – VDOT
Prescott Court – VDOT
Rutherford Circle – VDOT
Stafford Court – VDOT
Steed Place – VDOT
Sulgrave Court – CP
Thorton Court – VDOT
Waltham Court – CP


Bentmoor Court – VDOT
Brinks Court – VDOT
Brookmeade Court – VDOT
Darian Court – VDOT
Dudley Court – VDOT
Fenton Wood Drive – VDOT
Ferguson Court – VDOT
Glengyle Court – VDOT
Glengyle Lane – VDOT
Jeremy Court – VDOT
McCarty Court – VDOT
McPherson Circle – VDOT
Meskill Court – VDOT
Selden Court – VDOT
Whaley Court – VDOT

ROKEBY  View Map

Clapham Court- VDOT
Coleman Lane- VDOT
Hamilton Road- VDOT
Minor Road- VDOT
Moss Road- VDOT
Mucklehany Lane- VDOT
Peyton Road- VDOT
Russell Court- VDOT
Turner Lane- VDOT
Tyler Lane- VDOT
West Court- VDOT


Benton Court – CP
Berkley Court – CP
Conoy Court – CP
Dulany Court – CP
Hopton Court – CP
Jermyn Court – CP
Mosby Court – CP
Nicholson Court – CP
Redlin Court – CP
Vandercastel Road – CP
Cromwell Road – VDOT     

*Westwick Court- Villas (Separately maintained by The Villa’s Condo Association)*

Upon the purchase of your new home a settlement sheet or a deed of trust will be sent to the Proprietary Office notifying them of new ownership. Within two to four weeks you will then receive a coupon booklet showing the amount of your monthly assessment fee and the dates that they are due. Following is information that is relative to this payment. This information should assist you in understanding Proprietary procedures and the services which are provided to you for this fee.  

Assessment payments are due on the 1st of the month and are considered late if received after 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of the month. Any payment received after 5:00 p.m. on the 10th will be assessed a late fee.  In the event that the 10th should fall on a Sunday or on a recognized federal holiday, the delinquency date will be 5:00 p.m. on the first day of resumption of normal business operations. Exemptions will not be made for those payees claiming that the envelope “postmark” date predates the 10th day of the month.

Ways to make your payment are: Automatic Withdrawal (ACH), By Mail, In the Office, and Online.  Click HERE for more detailed information.

If an assessment payment is delinquent, a notice will be sent to the homeowner requesting payment in full, including the applicable late fee.

If the delinquent assessment is not received within thirty days from the date of the delinquent notice, the account will be forwarded to the Proprietary’s legal counsel for collection action. If the principal maintenance assessment is paid within the applicable thirty day time period, but the cost of collection fee is not paid within this thirty days, a second delinquent notice will be sent to the homeowner. If the cost of collection fee is not paid within thirty days of the second delinquent notice, the account will be forwarded to the Proprietary’s legal counsel for collection action.

If you have questions regarding your assessment payment, contact the office at 703-430-0715.


Click here for a copy of the property assessments from 1999 until today.

VA POA Request

CountrySide and PMP have partnered with CondoCerts to provide user-friendly POA document delivery to the homeowner.  You can track your package’s progress and receive documents electronically or get a paper copy.  Payment can be made at the time of order or taken out at closing. Prices vary.


Ready to order a POA package?


Go to https://pmprent.condocerts.com/resale/ to order. Simply register, place your order and your documents will be processed.


Questions?? Call Loretta deLamare at CountrySide Proprietary (703)430-0715, for more information.

2019 CountrySide Proprietary Approved
Consolidated Budget

Total Income…………………………………………$2,627,842.00+
Total Administrative Expenses…………………. $694,625.00
Total Insurance & Tax Expenses…………………. $26,827.00
Total Community Relations Expenses……….. ..$36,889.00
Total Pool & Community Center Expenses…. $243,334.00
Total Grounds & Maintenance………………….. $737,426.00
Total Townhouse Expenses………………………. $271,665.00
Reserve Expense……………………………………… $617,077.00
Total Operating Expenses……………………….$2,627,842.00
Operating Income vs. Expense……………………–0-
Total Reserve Projects………………………………. $427,113.00

What is the Countryside Proprietary?

The Proprietary is the vehicle by which community amenities and common areas are maintained and managed for the homeowners benefit and enjoyment. Governing of the Proprietary is vested in a Board of Directors, who directly or indirectly through contractual arrangements, administer the daily affairs of the Proprietary in accordance with provisions of the governing documents. The major services delivered by the Proprietary are as follows:

  • Enforcement of Covenants and Restrictions, By-Laws, Architectural Guidelines, and Resolutions
  • Administrative and financial services for efficient operation of the community
  • Trash removal and recycling service
  • Maintenance of common land
  • Maintenance of community amenities (pools, trails, fitness system, tot lots, etc)
  • Maintenance of townhouse parking areas (including snow removal)

The Board of Directors contracts with a managing agent to provide financial and day to day on-site management services for the Proprietary. CountrySide’s managing agent is Property Management People, better known as PMP.

Who should I contact at the proprietary management office?

Go to PMP Offices and Directory

Virginia Property Owners Associations Act:

All home sales in the CountrySide are subject to the Virginia Property Owners’ Associations Act. Upon receipt of a written request of the Association Disclosure package, payment maybe deferred to closing, the completed package will be issued within 14 business days to the requesting party or agent.

What should the purchaser do immediately upon settling?

Ensure that a copy of his/her settlement sheet has been provided to the Proprietary management office.

What do the recreational amenities include?

Three swimming pools, five tennis courts, two multi-purpose courts, a fitness parcourse, abundant walking trails, and ten tot lots.

Is there residential parking?

Each townhouse unit is assigned two numbered parking spaces. Guests should be advised to park in unassigned parking areas.

Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department

Identity Theft: What is it? Preventative Measures:

18.2 – 186.3 State Code of Virginia defines identity theft as follows: it shall be unlawful for any person, without the authority or permission of the person who is the subject of the identifying information, with the intent to defraud, for his own use of the use of the third person to:

1. Obtain, record or access identifying information which is not available to the general public that would assist in accessing financial resources, obtaining identification documents, or obtaining benefits of such other person; or

2. Obtain goods or services through the use of identifying information of such other person; or

3. Obtain identification documents in such other persons name.

Your greatest asset for securing your good name is understanding where the thieves get your information. Here are a few of the many ways thieves can obtain your personal identifying information:

Coming into possession of your lost or stolen wallet or purse.

Stealing your mail, or diverting it to another mailbox via a change of address request.

“Dumpster Diving” into your trash and gathering important documents.

“Pretext” calls where the thief poses as your bank, internet services provider, or other organization with which you may or may not have financial dealing and they call you to “verify your account information” because of a problem they had with their “record system.”

Other crimes such as burglary or breaking into a vehicle where the thief looks to steal financial information, wallets, purses, or other items containing such information.

Internet transactions or unsecured sites or with illegitimate companies posing as a reputable “safe” business with which you may do business.

Knowing how thieves get information, it is now clear how best to protect that information: you should begin immediately to practice these simple steps:

Protect your social security number, credit card numbers, account passwords, and other personal information. Use common sense, and be suspicious when things don’t seem right. Never divulge your information over the phone unless you initiated the call. If personal information is requested ask questions. It is your right to know why it’s needed, how it will be used, and who needs it.

Minimize the damage in case your wallet gets lost or stolen. Don’t carry around more checks, credit cards, or other bank items than you really need. Limit the number of credit cards you carry by canceling the ones you don’t use. Don’t carry your social security number in your wallet or have it pre-printed on your checks. Pick passwords and PIN numbers that will be tough for someone else to figure out. Don’t keep this information on or near your checkbook, ATM card or debit cards.

Protect your incoming and outgoing mail. Promptly remove mail from your mailbox after it has been delivered. If you’re going on vacation have your mail held at your local post office or ask someone you know and trust to collect your mail. Deposit outgoing mail in the postal service’s blue collection boxes, hand it directly to a mail carrier or take it to a local post office.

Keep thieves from turning your trash into their cash. “Dumpster Divers” pick through trash looking for pre-approved credit card applications and receipts, cancelled checks, bank statements, expired charge cards and other documents or information they can use to counterfeit or order new checks or credit cards. To keep these from happening use a “cross-cut” shredder and shred items.

Practice home security. Safely store checks, credit cards, or other financial documents. Don’t advertise to burglars you are not at home. Use timers on your lights and temporarily stop delivery of your newspaper or mail and ask a trusted neighbor to pick up any items that may arrive unexpectedly at your home.

Pay attention to your bank account statements and credit card bills. Always check into discrepancies in your records or if you notice something suspicious, such as a missing payment or unauthorized withdrawal. Also, contact your institution if a bank statement or credit card bill doesn’t arrive on time.

Practice “on-line” or internet safety. Be suspicious of web offers that seem too good to be true. Ensure the web site you are using is legitimate, or has been formally examined and certified secure and reliable by a legitimate certifying agency such as the Better Business Bureau.

If someone has stolen your identity, the Federal Trade Commission recommends you take three actions immediately.

1. First, contact the fraud departments of each of the three major credit bureaus. Tell them to flag your file with a fraud alert.

2. Second, contact the creditors for any accounts that have been tampered with or opened fraudulently. Follow up with a written statement.

3. Third, file a report with your local police or sheriff’s department in the community where it took place. Keep a copy in case your creditors need proof of the crime.

In an effort to better reach out to the citizens of CountrySide, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Community Policing Section is providing new “Action Request Forms” to be made available. The form is self-explanatory and easy to complete. It can be completed and either mailed or dropped off at the CountrySide Proprietary Office. Expect your Community Policing Officer to personally contact you about your complaint. Confidentiality will be maintained if desired. The “Action Request Form” is not intended to substitute the efforts of traditional patrol but rather to initiate relief for issues that effect your quality of life and that need to be approached through more long-term problem solving strategies.

Loudoun County requires that every dog over 6 months old be licensed each year. Dogs are not allowed to roam at large, whether licensed or not. The renewal period for purchasing licenses is November 1 – January 31.

Proof that the animal has been vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian must be presented before a license can be issued. A certificate signed by a veterinarian confirming neutering or spaying will qualify a dog for lower tag fees.

Dog licenses should be purchased at:

County Treasurer’s Office 703-777-0280/703-478-8401
102 Heritage Way, N.E., Suite 100, Leesburg, VA 22075
21400 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 190, Sterling, VA 20166

Animal Warden/Animal Shelter/Adoption 777-0406/478-1850
Cruelty investigations/animal emergencies/law enforcement

Verizon Directory Assistance 411
New Service and Repairs 703.954.6222

Time 703.844.2525
Local weather forecasts 703.936.1212
Beach forecasts 202.334.9200

The legal driving age in Virginia is age 16. A Learner’s Permit can be obtained at age 15. Within 30 days after moving to Virginia you must obtain a driver’s license, title your car, register for license plates and obtain the necessary inspections and local stickers for your car.

Automobile tags are renewed annually.
Drivers license is renewed every five years, notification will be sent prior to your birthday. This process is semi-automatic if you have no violation points accumulated since your last drivers license was issued. Otherwise, retesting will be required.

Safety Stickers
Each vehicle registered in Virginia must pass an annual safety inspection, the windshield sticker indicates month of expiration. Inspections are handled at state approved service stations.

Safety Seats
By law, every child under age four must be in a Virginia Police-approved child safety seat when riding in a vehicle registered in Virginia owned by a parent or guardian and manufactured after 1967.

There is a $25 civil fine for failure to use required safety seats. Exemption: Children 40 pounds or over can use a standard seat belt.

Loan Seats: Persons financially unable to buy a safety seat may rent one from DMV offices.

Seat Belts
By law, all occupants of a moving vehicle must use safety belts, or the driver is subject to a fine.

Escort Transportation (Red Cross) 777-7171
Emergency Rides AAA-LIFT
Substitutes for those unable to drive home on major holidays, prom nights, graduations

After Hours Towing / RoadRunner Wrecker Service

If you are the caller, you must do the following: (1) Contact RoadRunner at 703-450-7555, (2) Meet the towing company at your residence, (3) Produce a valid driver’s license with proof of residence or signed rental agreement, and (4) If vehicle is parked in or blocking your assigned parking space or parked perpendicular to a parking space, it will then be towed.

All vehicles towed are the responsibility of the vehicle owner and this includes cost associated with the towing and impounding of the vehicle.


Loudoun County Transit 571.258.3464

Route 81: CountrySide Connector


VA Department of Motor Vehicles – DMV
Sterling 703.430.0140
Leesburg 703.771.2535

Dominion Virginia Power – 888.667.3000
Electric emergency/lights off/power off

Adelphia – 703.430.8200
Dominion Virginia Power – 888.667.3000
Washington Gas 703.750.1000 – To report escaping gas 703.750.1400

Miss Utility 800.257.777
Loudoun County Sanitation Authority (water/sewer) 703.771.1095 – Emergency after 5pm and holidays 703.729.7878 AAA Trash Service 703.818.8222

Potomac Falls Branch, 46164 Westlake Dr. 20164 800-275-8777

Sterling Post Office
150 S. Sterling Boulevard 800-275-8777

Children’s (202)745-5000
111 Michigan Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Fair Oaks 703-391-3600
3600 Joseph Siewick Drive, Fairfax

Fairfax 703-698-1110
3300 Gallows Road, Falls Church

Loudoun Hospital Center 703-858-6000
44045 Riverside Parkway, Leesburg

Reston Hospital Center 703-689-9000
1850 Town Center Drive, Reston

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