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Board and Committee Members

The Board of Directors (BoD) welcomes your comments and concerns. The BoD representatives maintain separate extensions in the office telephone system for voice mail messages. You may also contact your BoD representative via an email, directed to their neighborhood mailbox.

Board of Directors (BoD)

Oatlands: Dave Barrie-President



Belmont: Robert King-Treasurer



Foxfield: Vacant


Morven: Roddy Dean



Oakridge: Penelope Francke-Vice President



Rokeby: Kumar Sangaran



Welbourne: Fredrik Wallin



In addition to the BoD volunteers, there are many other residents who volunteer their time to assist the BoD in the operation of the community. These residents meet with their committees on a monthly basis to discuss the concerns and interests of their neighbors in the community. These volunteers are listed below under the committee they have chosen to represent.

Community Relations Committee (CRC)

Oatlands: Dave Barrie, Chair

Belmont: Vacant

Foxfield: Vacant

Morven: Amanda Boone: E-Mail

Oakridge: Elizabeth Moran: E-mail

Rokeby: Pat Bour: E-Mail

Welbourne: John Fernandes: E-Mail

Welbourne: Amy Cornwell: E-Mail

Facilities Committee (FAC)

Penny Francke, Chair: E-Mail

Belmont: Tommy Jackson: E-Mail

Foxfield: Vacant

Morven: Adriana Andrade-Salgado: E-Mail

Oakridge: Vacant

Oatlands: David Barrie: E-Mail

Rokeby: Pat Bour: E-Mail

Welbourne: Nicole Rossi

Finance Committee (FIN)

Bob King, Chair: E-Mail

Belmont: Vacant

Foxfield: Sheryl Rader: E-Mail

Morven: Roddy Dean: No E-Mail

Oakridge: Jeff Kretsch: E-Mail

Oatlands: Dave Barrie: E-Mail

Rokeby: Ash Dean: No E-Mail

Welbourne: Bob Griesbach: No E-Mail

Grounds Committee (GRNDS)

Dave Barrie, Chair: E-Mail 

Belmont: Barbara O’Connor: E-Mail

Belmont: Tim Shaw: E-Mail

Foxfield: Terri Hess: E-Mail

Morven: Ron McNulty: E-Mail

Oakridge: Pamela McGraw: E-Mail

Oatlands: Anne Steingass: E-Mail

Rokeby: Matt Sturgeon

Welbourne: Diane Blunt: E-Mail

Design Review Committee (DRC)

Belmont:  Rodney Collins: E-Mail

Foxfield:  Lisa Viafore-Chair: E-Mail

Morven:  Will Vigil: E-Mail

Oakridge:  Roy Weidner: E-Mail

Oatlands: Sarah Wertz: E-Mail

Rokeby: Abdul AlQazzab: E-Mail

Welbourne: Gustavo Rey: E-Mail

Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC)



  • Elizabeth McMahon: E-Mail
  • Sean Mascara: E-Mail
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant





  • Denise Moldover: No E-Mail
  • Diane Bohn: E-Mail
  • Jim Krips: No E-Mail
  • Pat Bour, Chair: E-Mail
  • Yolanda Brooks: E-Mail


  • Diane Blunt, Chair: E-Mail
  • Nicole Rossi: E-Mail
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

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