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Active Resolutions

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 NumberName/TopicCommittee Date
 1Design Review CommitteeDRC01/27/14
 8Disclosure of InterestBoD10/06/80
 47Rules for Use of Common AreaBoD04/06/11*
 48Contracts/Bid Policy & GuidelinesBoD01/27/10*
 60Handicap Parking DesignationAH PRKG04/29/85
 75Facilities CommitteeFAC02/28/07*
 79Retiring of Outdated ResolutionsBoD02/23/88
 87Parking at CountrySide Recreation FacilitiesFAC03/30/90
 102Vandalism & TheftBoD08/04/89
 118Designating Bank Accounts & SignaturesFIN05/29/90
 119Rules For Use of the Common FacilitiesFAC03/22/06*
 120Election CommitteeELECTIONS08/27/08*
 124Annual Meeting DateBoD05/29/90
 125Resolutions ProceduresBoD07/30/90
 127Grounds CommitteeGRNDS02/28/07*
 128Election of Board of DirectorsELECTIONS08/27/08*
 129Book of ResolutionsBoD07/13/90
 132Management StandardsBoD07/13/90
 134Suspension of Pool PrivilegesFAC07/13/90
 135Reserve for ReplacementFIN07/13/90
 137Finance CommitteeFIN02/28/07*
 143Excess Membership AssessmentsFIN11/29/90
 164Board of Directors & OfficersBoD07/19/93
 174Architectural Review, Member’s Right of AppealDRC04/05/06*
 184Procedures for Changing the GuidelinesDRC02/06/96
 203No Solicitation Policy- Common Area & FacilitiesGRNDS02/01/06
 213Homeowner Assessment Methods- Class IFIN12/06/99
 215Resolutions ProceduresBoD04/25/00
 216Establishment of Streetlight Ad Hoc CommitteeBoD09/27/00
 217Annual Budget- 2001FIN02/26/01
 218Establish Maximum Annual Assessments- 2001FIN02/26/01
 222Excess Membership for 2003FIN01/22/03
 224Financial Authority of Certain Officers & Managing AgentBoD01/27/10*
 226Authorization of Proprietary CounselBoD08/27/03
 227Broad Based Management AuthorityBoD08/27/03
 228Neighborhood StandardsNAC09/03/03
 229Collection of AssessmentsFIN11/07/18
 230Rules & Regulations Regarding PetsGRNDS10/01/03
 231Property Owners Association Act (POA) HearingsDRC11/06/03
 232Neighborhood Advisory CouncilNAC03/23/11*
 233Reserved Parking PoliciesAH PRKG09/24/08*
Commercial, Recreational, Junked & Abandoned Vehicles, Equipment and Other MachineryAH PRKG04/02/14*
 235Architectural Violation ProceduresDRC11/07/18
 236Architectural Review ProceduresDRC11/13/13*
 237Design Review CommitteeDRC01/28/04
 238Signage in Common AreasGRNDS03/03/04
 239Algonkian Pkwy Guardrail Extension RequestTEA-2108/09/04
 240Pedestrian Bridge Repair/ReplacementTEA-2108/09/04
 241Community Signage for East & West EntrancesTEA-2108/09/04
 242Enhanced Speed Limit Fine Signage on CountrySide BoulevardTEA-2108/09/04
 243CountrySide Blvd & Minor Road Traffic LightTEA-2108/09/04
 244CountrySide Blvd & Algonkian Pkwy Shoulder Median and Storm Water Network RepairTEA-2108/09/04
 245CountrySide Asphalt Trail RepairTEA-2108/09/04
 246Crossing Guard at River Bend Middle School RequestTEA-2108/09/04
 247CountrySide Elementary School Landscape MaintenanceTEA-2108/09/04
 248Silt Fence Removal near River Bend Middle SchoolTEA-2108/09/04
 249“No Through Truck Traffic” Signage on CountrySide BlvdTEA-2108/09/04
 250Additional 35MPH Speed Limit Signs on CountrySide BlvdTEA-2108/09/04
251CountrySide Elementary Sidewalk ImprovementTEA-2108/09/04
 252CountrySide Blvd Guardrail Installation RequestTEA-2108/09/04
 253Non-Judicial Foreclosure Policy, Procedures & CriteriaFIN09/04/13*
 254Support of Broadband Services Development in Loudoun CountyFAC03/23/05
 257Investment of Proprietary FundsFIN09/01/10*
 260Horsepen Run CommitteeBoD01/07/15*
 262Operation of Business Activity within a Residence in CountrySideBoD04/02/14*
 264Ad Hoc Home Based Business CommitteeBoD03/03/10
 265Community Relations CommitteeCRC04/07/10
 266Criteria for Withholding Amenities PrivilegesBoD04/28/10
 269Association Complaint ProceduresBoD09/26/12
 271Ad Hoc Concrete Coating CommitteeBoD01/23/13
 275Rental of LotsBoD02/03/16
 276Snow RemovalBoD 11/02/16
278Annual Property Inspection ProceduresBoD01/25/17
282Common Driveway AssessmentsBoD


  285          Procedures Related to Virtual Board, Committee, and Annual Meetings         BoD            07/01/2021

  287          Creation of Procedures to Ensure Due Process in Enforcement Cases             BoD            10/25/2023

Updated: 11/16/2023

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