Day: October 2, 2018

We are MOVING!

After many years at 6 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 120, the CountrySide Board of Directors has voted to move our CountrySide Proprietary office to 2 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 560. The new offices are located on the fifth floor of the building just across the side parking lot from the current offices.

We will be in 6 Pidgeon Hill Drive, Suite 120 until December 21, 2018 conducting resident business. During the Holiday week of December 24 to December 28, 2018, our office will be closed as we will be moving our furniture, phones, computers, and files.

However, the drop box at the old office location will be available only until November 30, 2018. There will NOT be a drop box at the new location. The Office will be available during business hours only, Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, on the 5th Floor, for those who pay their assessments at the Office. We strongly recommend and encourage you to sign up for Direct Deposit or use other methods of assessment payment. Please contact the Proprietary Office for further information on setting up Direct Deposit for your CountrySide account.

On December 31 we will do a final walk-through with the existing landlord to ensure all terms and conditions of our current lease have been met. We will use January 2, 2019 to ensure we are ready and “open for business” on January 3, 2019. All the Proprietary Office telephone numbers will remain the same as they are now, during this relocation.

Why are we moving? The lease terms under the new landlord are more compatible with our operations, and we expect to be saving close to $100,000.00 with our five-year lease. As other CountrySide expenses continue to rise, this move represents a significant effort to help mitigate those increasing costs. If you have any questions about the impending move, please contact the Proprietary Office.