Chelmsford Trail Bridge Status Update

UPDATE: As of August 18, 2023, the trail bridge on Chelmsford Ct. is OPEN. The closure and replacement were due to severe damage caused by storms in April 2023.

Historical Data:

The first weekend in April, we experienced a very bad storm that resulted in severe damage to the trail bridge on Chelmsford.  The bridge was immediately closed to pedestrians.

The extent of the damage to the bridge could not be determined until the three trees and debris were removed. When clean-up was completed, we began the process of getting contractor/carpenter quotes for the repairs.

The HOA policy/procedure necessitated that we procure three quotes and then present them to the Grounds Committee which then will do the same for the Board to get final approval. Once we began the bid process it became clear that due to structural support damage we would need to replace the entire bridge as opposed to a simple repair. 

We contacted over 9 businesses and scheduled appointments for them to inspect the bridge only three responded that they had the skill level required to handle the project.  The three bids were reviewed by the Grounds Committee and sent to Board of Directors for final approval.

Once  we had a signed the contract with the selected vendor, work on the project began.  Due to a total replacement of the bridge, engineering designs needed to be created and then submitted for approval by the County. At this point, it was also discovered that the area is labeled as a flood zone which meant it also has to go to Zoning for approval as well.  We are awaiting permits from the county before actual construction can begin.

We are currently looking into the possibility of starting the demo portion of the project (if the County allows us to) so we can be quicker with the completion time once all the approvals are obtained.

We understand the community’s concerns and we are doing everything we can to get this project completed as soon as possible.