2023 Budget Cycle

Fellow Residents,

The Board is beginning its preparations for the 2023 Budget cycle.  In years past, we have asked for residents’ input on the enhancements you would like to see funded for the following year.  This year, the current economic situation—in particular, the projections of 8-10% inflation—have caused us to alter our approach.  We are asking residents to submit ONLY requests or suggestions of the very highest priority—items that would be REQUIRED based on legal obligations and/or public safety considerations.  It will be a challenge for the Board to develop a budget that covers all requirements and ongoing contracts, balancing those commitments against necessary assessment increases.  In another change this year, the suggestions received will be scored only by the members of the Neighborhood Advisory Councils, rather than the standing committees, in an effort to streamline the evaluation process.

Suggestions should be e-mailed to reception.cside@pmpbiz.com for compilation and submission to the NACs and the Finance Committee.  Residents should feel free to copy their neighborhood NAC representatives, and include any supporting comments for their suggestions.

We ask your understanding and cooperation in submitting suggestions only for those items that you truly believe we cannot defer until better economic times.

Thank you.

CountrySide Board of Directors