Proposed Development of Askegren & Persimmon Lanes

Christopher Companies, a home builder company, is the contract purchaser of property adjacent to CountrySide. Christopher Companies has partnered with Tetra Corporation to buy and develop 235 acres located near Askegren & Persimmon Lanes. The contract is contingent upon Loudoun County rezoning the proposed site. The “rezoning” and “engineering” process is expected to take approximately two years to accomplish. We invite property owners in CountrySide to review the information on Christopher Companies’ website here:

The website includes a map that shows the proximity to CountrySide Property. The most affected neighborhoods are Oatlands and Foxfield. The developers include a preliminary traffic study in their project presentation. The CountrySide Board of Directors has major concerns about the impact of traffic the proposed development will have on CountrySide. Plans submitted to Loudoun County included future access near McPherson Circle, Selden Court, and McCarthy Court.

Christopher Companies has established a discussion board through their website to answer questions from property owners. Property owners are encouraged to submit questions through the discussion board. You may also view other questions submitted through the comments section and the response from Christopher Companies. You may also address your concerns or questions to CountrySide’s representative on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Julie Briskman.