Oakridge Pond

Representatives from Solitude Lake Management, Loudoun County and the VA Department of Environmental Quality have reviewed the conditions at the Oakridge pond this week. All parties involved believe that the kill was from a natural occurrence related to high temperatures, lack of fresh water and low oxygen levels.  It was also mentioned that with the current weather forecast for this weekend, a similar situation could occur. We have removed all the fish that could be reached from the shore and will continue to inspect the pond and remove any other fish that may be found.

Solitude has also taken samples at the pond and is testing those samples to determine if any additional actions need to take place to properly maintain the pond.  With the extreme heat expected this weekend Solitude thought it would be best to hold off on the treatment of the remaining filamentous algae on the pond at least until the lab results are back.

Additionally, Loudoun County agreed that a bathymetric survey of the pond is warranted to determine if dredging is needed at the pond.  This action will need to go through the county approval process and is likely 3 to 4 months away.

We will continue to provide updates as they become available.