Trash Service Changes

Dear CountrySide Resident,

With the ongoing concerns and responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have been advised by our trash service, AAA/Republic Services, that effective Monday, April 13. 2020, the following adjustments in service have been made with concern for their crews and to maintain compliance with the social distancing requirements:

  1. If a homeowner uses a Republic Services cart or a personal trash can, all trash must be in that cart or can. They will not pick up loose items off the ground. (Please remember that CountrySide policy is that all trash should be placed out for collection in a covered container for health and safety reasons and to keep the trash from wild animals)
  2. Due to the need for multiple persons to lift many bulk items, for the safety of the crews, all “Bulk” trash collection has been suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency response period.
  3. Yard waste will continue to be collected but Loudoun County has requested all residents to minimize the amount of yard waste put out for collection.  The full release from Loudoun County is available at the following link:
  4. Recycling collection will remain as currently scheduled.

Please note that these changes are temporary and will be lifted as soon as possible based on Federal, State and local guidance. 

We greatly appreciate your understanding and assistance as we move through these difficult times.